Any form of sheet metal manufacturing.

Our services are consulting and development and prototyping and punching and laser cutting and bending and welding and laser welding and riveting and silkscreen and powder coating and assemblyWe are confident that we are your right choice as a partner for bringing individual sheet metal products to life. We produce sheet metal parts, assembly modules and manufacture end products. Wheter single parts or high volume. According to customer preference we take over development, engineering, prototyping and assembly to a functional end product. 

Our performance portfolio covers the whole range of sheet metal processing: punching, laser cutting, deburring, bending, welding and laser welding. And this at the highest level: with continuous quality assurance throughout production we will meet your highest expectations. The same applies to external value: with a fully automated powder coating line we can protect and finsih metals. 

Our grinding and cleaning systems give surface a high-grade finish and haptic. The final touch your product gets is in our printing department with marking and individualization using silkscreen or tampon print. Your product ist finished now, but we are not. At our inhouse Logistics Centre we prepare customised logistics concepts.